Education stays at the forefront of technology in Oregon

After urging young people to stay in school it was pointed out to me that Oregon is at the forefront of educational reform. It's truly an amazing feat considering that the state ranks 49th in class size.

I was reminded of how our schools are preparing young people for the 21st century when I went to the post office the other day (mail delivery to the Plasticave is spotty, so I opt for a PO Box) and found a notice that there would be shorter hours at my branch. This was all part of USPS modernization and cost reduction efforts because of the 2.8 billion dollar deficit last year.

Now, over in McMinnville, Oregon, they've decided to recreate a post office to teach kids about writing letters and getting mail. Kids can send and receive missives by addressing their letters and placing them in the mail box. This is a revolutionary in an era when people spend 68 hours on the internet every month, including five and a half hours on Facebook.

It's important that young folks learn these skills: mail delivery is clearly a growth industry. The good folks around here are mighty proud that we're teaching some of our youngins to grow up to be postal workers.

Instead of a fake post office, they could have a fake, drug-dealing school bus like they do in Laredo, Texas.

I hope they're teaching these kids about going postal.

3 comments to "Education stays at the forefront of technology in Oregon"

  • Sixty eight hours of Internet each month? No wonder I no longer watch TV. I don't have any time!!!

  • Much as it pains me to say this, I think that writing skills are growing more and more useless every day vis a vis typing.

    It's still important inasmuch as we need to be able to jot down info quickly now and then, but otherwise, no.

    But I think it still has a role to play in maths since we still can't easily write equations on paper.t

  • @Aleksandra: Apparently my sources tell me that a majority of Americans spend at least some of that internet time surfing while watching television. And still manage to fit around 140 hours of tv in every month. Personally, I use about 68 hours of computer time every week. Though, with Hulu, I think I can do both quite well.

    @Bhagwad: Elementary school teachers everywhere would curse and cry over your comments as they remember the good ol' days when they could beat cursive into the hands of their students. My hands still hurt.

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