Construction continues on the Plasticave

It has been a slow process building a secure, secret hideaway as my center of crimefighting operations. I was faced with a multitude of choices: underground, in the city, in the country, within plain view, connected to the grid, solar vs. generator vs. power company.

I have had to rely on myself, reading from the only source I know of: the internet. No building contractors. They can't be trusted.

Cashed in the 401k, paid a butt load of taxes, and took the money to buy a tract of land in *****. Found a cave on the land, hidden away. Apparently, it was used in ancient rituals by the native people who once inhabited the land before they moved away and built casinos.

I expect to have everything up and running and begin stopping the criminals of Oregon within the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Second attempt at this blog thing

The concept for this blog comes from a quote I vaguely recall from one of the vacant recesses of my brain. I think it could have been Lady Chatterly's Lover, but that will save for a later day.

Little injustices seem to add up each day and then suddenly you turn around and realize that the monkey on your back is a gorilla. How do you shake it? If it's better to live with the monkey than getting rid of it, what are the alternatives? Finally, why do we punish those who are close to us instead of those who are beyond our sphere of control?

The ability to punish is dependent upon a system of justice in which the power to punish is founded within a system: emotional, hierarchical, political, military. It's the individual, who sits below this system - outside of it, seeking to punish higher powers, mostly losing, who is shaking the monkey. When a movement is born, history is made. Noncomformity - no matter how small, does not go unnoticed.

(edit: Screw it, that's all too difficult.)

These are their stories. Big and small.

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A masked vigilante, the Plasticgraduate is a 21st century crimefighter for truth and justice.

He writes from an undisclosed location in the great state of Oregon. There, he wages a lone battle in a world where the natives are bent on the destruction of humanity.

When not eliminating scum from the Earth, he lives peacefully with his family in the Plasticave.

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