Celebrating the New Year and Meeting the Neighbor

Moved the Plastifamily into the cave a few weeks ago. Still working on the kitchen so we have to bring ice in and keep the milk in a Coleman ice chest. Plastigirl has taken it upon herself to do some home decorating.

Celebrated the New Year with a bottle of champagne. Heard strange noises. Kind of a loud growling. Went outside and was confronted by a seven foot hairy, biped. He grunted. Pounded his chest and scurried away. The next day I found some beer bottles in a small clearing near this encounter. I followed the footprints and found him sleeping off the night of revelry.

I shook him awake. He let out a long growl, "Me want Advil."

I complied. We engaged in some idle conversation. Found out his name is Sasqui. He is a bachelor who lives in the woods nearby. I invited him over for coffee the next day. I think we'll become fast friends. He seems like I can trust him with my true identity.

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A masked vigilante, the Plasticgraduate is a 21st century crimefighter for truth and justice.

He writes from an undisclosed location in the great state of Oregon. There, he wages a lone battle in a world where the natives are bent on the destruction of humanity.

When not eliminating scum from the Earth, he lives peacefully with his family in the Plasticave.

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