Spooky happenings at the Plasticave

When I read the headline "850 Mostly Blind, Pale Creatures Discovered Underground" I thought perhaps the Oregon Legislators had come trick-or-treating to the Plasticave.

But apparently, it was just an article about some animals or something. It got me thinking, though, that I should start preparing for Halloween. So I began to surf around the internet as I am wont to do looking for ideas.

Even though our only visitor to the Plasticave is Sasqui, we still like to decorate. We drink cider, bob for apples and scare campers away.

First step: get a jack-o-lantern, as I am better with a gun than with a knife, the whole carving of the pumpkin is beyond me, so if I could buy the pumpkin with the face grown into it, that would save me tons of time and the plastikids would be amazed at my technique.

When it comes to a costume I'm still undecided. Though, I know what won't work if I go to Ashland. Unfortunately, the mayor has decided to reverse his earlier decision and place a ban on nudity near schools. I suppose if I limit my trick-or-treating to areas far from schools I could go in the buff.

Finally what to place next to that jack-o-lantern? A neigbor of mine has built a fake cemetery in their front yard. I can do better. I'm going to get a real corpse like they do in Los Angeles, now that's scary!

Happy Halloween!

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