Give me a little power...

Give people a little power and they will turn into a little autocrat. Inventing little rules out of the ether. Often in myriad trivial ways, often in ways which seem trivial but in reality come to play a pivotal role in the life of the one being trampled upon.

This was my experience just last week when I made what I thought was a simple request to a superior in what has become the never-ending Oregonian quest for palatable employment. Evidently, this was my error in assuming it was simple. In fact, my request could not be handled because it was improper (?) and, as such, had to first be cleared through the proper channels. Apparently the plasticgraduate is not the only person with a Ph.D. in superficiality.

Once in a restaurant in Mexico, I asked if I could plug in my camera charger while we ate. The waitress informed me that it was against the policy of the establishment. Hmm...I've worked in eateries and never seen such a detailed operating manual. "Regulation IIIa clearly states that no patron shall access the electrical outlets for digital photography purposes during the breakfast hours."

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A masked vigilante, the Plasticgraduate is a 21st century crimefighter for truth and justice.

He writes from an undisclosed location in the great state of Oregon. There, he wages a lone battle in a world where the natives are bent on the destruction of humanity.

When not eliminating scum from the Earth, he lives peacefully with his family in the Plasticave.

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