Yer nothin' but an English speakin' cur!

September 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, came and went at the Plasticave without much notice. In fact, throughout the great state of Oregon it went largely unnoticed as most people went about their daily life. So when September 30, International Translation Day, came, I knew it was time to expand my linguistic horizons.

Now, as it turns out, my neighbor, Sasqui, was a supporter of the (failed) 2007 HB 2459, which would have made English Oregon's official language, and allowed state government to provide information only in English. Sasqui always says, "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me."

But through the magic of Markie Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebooks, we can now exhibit our multilingualism in the privacy of our own homes. Because not only is Facebook now available in languages as exotic as Euskadi, Bosnian and a bunch of languages with curlicues, but also in Esperanto, Latin and Pirate.

I will be contacting one of our lawmakers to get Pirate named as an official state language. I will keep you apprised of the results in a future bottle message.

3 comments to "Yer nothin' but an English speakin' cur!"

  • I always assumed that Jesus spoke in Aramaic!

  • Not being a believer, myself, I defer to others on religious questions. The great Oracle of the Internet (Wikipedia) would seem to agree with you for the most part on this issue. However, when I tried to broach the subject with Sasqui, he held fast to his assertion that Jesus, in fact, spoke English and used his copy of the Bible as proof. Since Sasqui is over a foot taller than me and at least fifty pounds heavier, he can be very convincing on these matters.

  • I always thought it was old fashioned English, with the thee and thou and thine and stuff like that! Maybe that's what you call Aramaic!

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