2010: A Face Odyssey

The new decade has brought many great things here at the Plasticave. First, it seems I have a temporary reprieve from the loggers who wanted to clear cut the forest around these parts.

Second, my friend Sasqui, who had been using my bandwith, decided to commit social media suicide. Normally I would not applaud this sort of behavior. But, he had already visited several doctors and had been diagnosed with an incurable Web 2.0 addiction. Sasqui was doing more than his fair share of those daily eight million minutes of Facebook. Euthanasia was painless, noble and just.

He turned to the Kervorkian-like SuicideMachine just before Facebook blocked their IP address. Had he not, he would be updating his status in a cyber-induced agony still. Instead, he is out running in the forest, scaring campers, drinking beer and learning how to crochet (OK, so I made that one up. Actually, he's just drinking a lot of beer).

And I am considering moving to Prineville, where Facebook will be opening a data center. Yes, my social media nemesis has come to Oregon.

Twenty-ten (Two thousand ten?) is looking good.

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