Still no work...crimefighting being outsourced to Facebook

Followers of my travails will recall my search for gainful employment.

Here in the Hard-Case State, we remain stuck at the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation. Even the Employment Department cannot handle the flood of people, asking citizens not to call on Monday because of problems in their computer system. Perhaps instead of crimefighting I should have studied computer science.

Should you fear that yours truly would be taking a break from his crime stopping activities on October 16 for one of the furlough Fridays that the state has scheduled, never fear - I will not hesitate nor equivocate when it comes to rooting out evil.

Meanwhile, technology has come to the rescue to help folks fight corruption and face down lawlessness. As I mentioned in a previous post, it now appears that, at least when it comes to criminals, Facebook is making us dumber. The crack carabinieri of Italy, arrested a man who checked Facebook during a robbery and left his account open. Hey, but that wasn't the first time. if you were stealing diamond rings, wouldn't you stop to update your status first?

So, dear friends. Need help? Let me know. Comment. E-mail me. Friend me on Facebook. Or, simply write a message on your Facebook wall. I'll come running.

2 comments to "Still no work...crimefighting being outsourced to Facebook"

  • Wow... I'm dumbfounded by the robber/FB updater. That definitely tops the story of those 2 girls in Australia who were trapped in a drainpipe and used their cell phone to update their FB status, but didn't use the phone to call for help...

  • Wasn't aware of them. Girls stuck in a drainpipe? This is definitely a situation where Twitter would have been more effective to get those real time updates out.

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