I've upped my standards!

Yes, in the words of the late, great Pat Paulsen, "I've upped my standards."

Pat Paulsen was a friend of mine. Since I'm no Pat Paulsen, I would never tell anybody to up theirs.

As you may have noticed, there's been a few stylistic changes around this blog.

As readership has rocketed to the high two digits, yours truly felt it was time to ditch that "Blogspot Retro" and go for something a little more befitting my manly, youthful vigor.

Things may not work quite right; I think I've tested everything out. Sometimes the generator goes down here in the Plasticave. So if you catch a problem, a link doesn't work, a page won't load - kindly let me know.

If you aren't happy with the changes, then you are probably a Democrat, and your opinion won't carry much weight around here, anyway.

3 comments to "I've upped my standards!"

  • Hey Plastic, the blog is looking fabulous! So far no complaints.

  • @Claudia: All my crimefighting leaves little time for blogging-for-profit. I just do this for love-of-the-art.

    It could take away from my time beating the sh@t out of thugs.

    @Hari: Thanks! As you know, I've been fooling around with some changes at the P-cave for a couple of weeks now. Still working on content for my other endeavors.

  • that Plastigirl has a fabulous taste! NICE!! congrats!!

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