Facebook fights the eco-terrorists over renewable energy

Two of my greatest nemeses, the eco-terrorists and Facebook, are having a spat about the social media powerhouse's new data center down the road in Prineville.

Apparently, the folks at Greenpeace don't like the fact that most of the energy in Prineville comes from coal.

So, in what will surely go down in history as one of the most effective protests since the Montgomery Bus Boycott, some folks at Greenpeace decided to show their inconformity by creating a Facebook page:

A few days earlier, however, a Facebook spokesperson touted the green design elements of the data center (wuss). Lee Weinstein said the data center "will be one of the most energy efficient in the world...."

He also stated that the Oregon is "very aggressive" in its push toward renewable energy, "calling for 25 percent of power in the state to be produced by renewable resources by 2025. Facebook believes this policy will ensure continued growth of renewable generation resources."

For once the plasticgraduate stands beside Facebook on this one. A fifteen year goal of using 25% renewable energy sounds pretty aggressive to me. Surely Facebook will be around in 15 years to see this goal met.

Meanwhile, I've purchased all the coal I can. If you see a black plume of smoke burning in the forest, you'll have found the secret location of my hideaway.

Last time I checked, global warming isn't real anyway, Greenpeace.

(The clip might not be viewable outside the U.S. Sorry.)

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