The Vanity internet smackdown: Google vs. Bing

I have been accused many times of being a yahoo, or a yokel, in my lifetime, and have placed many yokels in the 'bing,' but my research shows I can always count on Googol, even if I can't count past thirty. No, math isn't my strong suit.

So, I decided to do the ole vanity Google search for myself and see what I found, but I wanted to expand my horizons, and give Microsoft a chance, with their newfangled search engine, Bing. But, being short on time as I had a call on the radio about an assault in progress, I though it best to combine the Bing and Google searches in one, using Bingle, a website that compares the results of the king of searches with the pretender.

First, I searched for 'plasticgraduate.' Google was the clear winner. I was nowhere to be seen in Bing's results. So I began searching for friends and family members. I started with Sasqui and was disturbed to see a grainy video someone captured of him walking in the forest. Frightening:

But even more disconcerting, were the various images of other women posing as Plastigirl.

While she does play pool, and even wears a striking, black vinyl suit when we go out on the town, I assure you, she does not get on the table, even after a few beers.

Funny Pictures

And while I cannot reveal her maiden name, she changed it to Plastigirl once we began living in sin. She is not Plastigirl, however, as the result of surgery.

Finally, she is not bionic. But she does know how to boogie:

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