Neither a boring blog nor a Boring blog!

You may think that this is the most boring blog, but you would be wrong.

Many of you have speculated on the exact location of the Plasticave, from which, lonejustice is written. Well, I assure you that it is not in Boring. The Plasticave is a secure hideaway, and yours truly, the plasticgraduate, accesses lonejustice, through a series of tubes called the Internet. This is truly amazing technology that allows for complete anonymity.

Well, perhaps not so anonymous if Google is served with a subpoena, then the true identity of the plasticgraduate will be revealed. Which begs the question, who is hotter, Rosemary Port or the plasticgraduate?

4 comments to "Neither a boring blog nor a Boring blog!"

  • Boy, that boring blog is really...boring! Thanks for sending me over there.

    I am glad to know the plasticave is well secured.

  • I will like 2 c a better picture of Plastigraduate... in that way I will be able to make a better comparison with Ms. Rosemary Port. xoxox

  • Its hard to say since both of you ar such attractive people. She does sort of have it in the lips department though. Yours seem like they have been thinning. what say?

  • A life of crime fighting has been hard on my exterior shell. While I may be no spring chicken, @Anonymous III may discern some thinning of the lips (quite observant, I didn't think the portrait was so revealing), I assure you that the plasticgraduate is just as strong, lithe and virile as any 20 year-old.

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A masked vigilante, the Plasticgraduate is a 21st century crimefighter for truth and justice.

He writes from an undisclosed location in the great state of Oregon. There, he wages a lone battle in a world where the natives are bent on the destruction of humanity.

When not eliminating scum from the Earth, he lives peacefully with his family in the Plasticave.

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