Cats do not have Nine Nine Nine Lives on the Internet

While, I am the plasticgraduate, not the grammar girl, no - that is not a typo.

The moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars. Yesterday was 9/9/9. The plasticgraduate does not believe in numerology and there is a conspiracy to keep the truth about this date from the public.

While mainstream media outlets pique our interest, but ultimately insist that there is nothing special about the day, the blogosphere has sought to focus on one of the more pernicious problems which has infested the Internet since its inception: cats, many of them feral, many of them not.

You may have noticed relatively few cats on the internet yesterday. The folks at Urlesque declared it was a day without cats. The fourth estate immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Time, NPR, and many, many blogs did the same - drawing our collective attention away from the momentous occasion of 9/9/9. And when a gathering was to take place as the clock struck 9:09:09 that celestial evening, representative Joe Wilson yelled "liar" in the middle of President Obama's Speech on Healthcare.

His chief of staff has issued a press release stating that Mr. Wilson was not referring to the President, he was yelling at his neighbor who claimed that cats can't really play piano.

My wish: 10/10/10 - a day without Comcast.

2 comments to "Cats do not have Nine Nine Nine Lives on the Internet"

  • Hari Batti questions the need for cats--or pets--in general. Can I say that? Will I be tarred by the pro-pet food loby as "anti-cute"? Or just mean?

    Still, I wonder...Can we humanely reduce the number of cats over time--in real life? Hari Batti knows of several cats and dogs who have flown from abroad to Delhi and who are now living like kings in this city where many homo sapien sapiens (and related primates) do not have enough to eat. Even the pets of the rich have a bigger carbon "footprint" than most humans or monkeys in Delhi! Far be it from me to say "Fry the cats!" But perhaps we could convince our feline friends to practice some form of birth control? In the near term, people who want pets in Delhi might consider the local variety. Either way, they don't speak English, last I checked.
    PS. I'm cookin' up something good in my dhaba.

  • While I am no great animal lover, I have had the need to get a dog to guard my home. Too expensive to put a lock on the p-cave.

    I'm not sure what kind of birth control cats could use. Abstinence pledges seem not to have worked. Could try little cat condoms, I suppose. There might be a market there.

    I've been following you on Twitter and I'm glad you could get out of the godown and into the dhaba. Looking forward to some fresh eats.

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